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Let forgiveness come and wash away everything I have done.

It was a dangerous time.

I'll get this bag for you.

He had trouble finding his way to the hotel.

The practice of male circumcision is ancient and developed in parallel amongst different cultures.


The children were going to make sport of her.

You don't have an umbrella? Aren't you thankful you went inside?

Take great care when you put your hand to a new business.

We can trust him.

You'd think they'd call if they weren't planning on coming.


Good luck with your first week and see you again soon!


I don't really care anymore.

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"The exam will be held this day week," said the teacher.

Do abbots mow hay? Never do abbots mow hay! Abbots pray.

What did you find in there?

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I've never been good with figures.

That's where I'm going.

I was late for school yesterday.


All I need is your signature, right here.

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They eat a lot of rice in Japan.

We went fishing in the lake.

I told you to be careful.

I want to go talk to them.

I saw her in the meeting room.

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I haven't yet been notified.

She was forced to give up.

Milo tried to charm Malcolm.


Can I use your ladies' room?

I told you we should've waited for Sjouke.

Stacy did pretty well on the exam.


Sonja is on good terms with his classmates.

The more I get, the more I want. The more I want, the less I get. The less I get, the less I want. The less I want, the more I get.

Emily has a beautiful face.


Tobias is a Christian.

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My mother has gone shopping.

I want to be happy.

Venkata seemed to be enjoying himself.

Does it taste good?

Is the post office open on Sunday?


I'll just wait here until Izchak arrives.


He deceived her, but even now she loves him.

What are you getting angry for?

Seen from the sky, the island was very beautiful.

Little money, few friends.

It seems that you are not having a good time here.


We've just got to do something.

I'm right behind you.

We were so dumbfounded we couldn't even answer.

I have a package here for him.

I have a lot of confidence in you.


I just wanted to be with him.

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Wake up and pay more attention!

Einstein regarded himself a philosopher.

I need something to write with.


Men have about 7 to 8 times more testosterone than women.


What did Jess tell Vaughn to do?

Even with a weak battery, the flashlight lit.

I can't find the right words.

No mountain in Japan is higher than Mt. Fuji.

Do not be shy. Your pronunciation is more or less correct.

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Honzo wasn't with Dani.

Are you going to sleep?

She blushed bright red.


Visual learners are often helped by visual representations in their own notes.


This flower smells sweet.


For exercise, I either ride a bicycle or go swimming.

Pablo is very bossy.

In fact, Grant did not agree.

At what time would you be able to come to us tomorrow?

I'll have to talk to my daughter about things heart-to-heart.

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The boxing match was completely one-sided, one pug was so badly mauled that his manager had to throw in the sponge.


We have been completely cornered.

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Because it started to rain, I couldn't use my camera.

My friend did that when he went there.

The people stood up so as to see the parade better.

You're driving way too fast.

I can give you a lift.


He speaks without an accent.

Don't kill me, please.

What do you think, guys?

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I didn't know him last year.

Think what you want about Wolfgang; he's still one of the greatest.

Sanity became friendly with Rebecca.


She took advantage of every opportunity.

Let her know where I am.

He was somewhat disappointed to hear the news.


She should follow the advice of her mother.

What is plausible?

His ideas are always practical.

I saw your light was on and knew you were still awake.

Why hasn't Teri been jailed?

Jesus Christ is my saviour.

You just have to promise me one thing.

I just want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

She eats lunch here from time to time.

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He raised his hand, and so did Hunter.

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She looked at me, with a tear in her eye.

Roxie still calls me from time to time.

Give my love to her.


Mike said a few words as a suggestion.

We'll go with you.

If he'd taken his doctor's advice, he might not have died.

Nobody noticed that she was absent until the end of the meeting.

She became rich by making ceramic pieces.

Ritalynne has been stalking Piercarlo for a while.

She used to date him.

There's music for everyone.

Can you eat raw oysters?

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I'm not learning anything.

Raif won't be that hard to convince.

We're still getting settled.

If it rains tomorrow, I'm not going to the meeting.

Here at Siemens, we insist on the very highest quality.

Claudio is just jealous.

He took out a 1,000-yen note from his wallet.

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His hands were blue because of the cold.

I hope you can avoid all the stupid mistakes that amateurs usually make.

I sort of like him.

There are twenty salespeople in the store.

Jacques was sent to Boston.

He's a diamond in the rough.

Meeks had no intention of waiting for three hours.

She quickly opened the letter.

I didn't actually go to college.

Nicholas was running from the police.

I just ate.

God is everywhere but He is most manifest in man. So serve man as God. That is as good as worshipping God.

I thought Panzer might want to go with us.

Don't you know I'm your boss?

Since when do you care about fashion?

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That isn't good enough for them.


Allen and Jeanette don't often do things together.

So great was her joy that she shed tears.

I'm not sure that's all true.

I'm unable to stay calm.

He was in France.

Eventually, Izchak will tell me everything.

The manager wants the report rewritten using the new format.


Without you, my life would have been totally empty.

We've decided to get married.

I'll let you know when it's over.

It is 50 kilometers to Paris.

Ebola seems to be spreading at an exponential rate, which is very worrying to say the least.


I really love my work.

Have you heard from the rest of the team?

Language is one of the most important ways of communication.

Is there any big game near here?

Water makes up most of the earth's surface.

Gambling isn't one of Anne's vices.

I didn't know Alejandro could speak French.

You're in the way.

The money was stolen along with the bonds.

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I went inside to drink coffee.

Miriam walks with a limp.

I know that guy. His name's Jerome.

Konstantinos reminded us to do our homework.

I meant it to be used as a textbook.

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I've been working here for a couple of years.